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Five proven ways to spice up your sex life

At some point, it is common to hit a low point when it comes to sex life. It is more common in couples who are married for long or couples who are into long-term relationships. A hectic, stressful lifestyle also takes its toll on the sex lives of people. Sex is a psychological thing, and what you think, do or feel, affect your sex life to a great extent.

However, it is never too late to give up, not your sex life at least. There are many ways you can spice-up things to rejuvenate your sex life. Trust me; you can bounce back and add that pleasure and romance you witnessed earlier in your relationship.

So what can you do? We have discussed some tips that you can think of to blossom your bedroom romance.

Start sending flirtatious messages to your partner

Well, smartphones have their advantages. From playful texting to sexy GIFs to romantic videos, there are many things you can do to bring back that charm and thrill missing in your relationship. Initially, your partner will be surprised with this instant change, but he/ she will start reciprocating.

Add a little bit of mystery in your talks, and you will end up making him/ her smile in the office. Remember, surprises can play a significant role when it comes to relationships. Use the surprise element wisely.

Come up with Surprises

Do you miss those fantastic moments when you used to go on a date with your partner? Why did you stop it? Never mind, plan a date at his/ her favourite restaurant and give him/ her a surprise. Don't miss that reaction when he/ she finds out about the date. It is precious.

Here too, add the surprise element. Go to her office and gift a bouquet of red roses. Ask her to come to a restaurant and hire a band to sing her favourite songs.

Buy a beautiful gift for him on any random day. Open the door while wearing sexy lingerie when he knocks. There are so many things you can do to make your partner feel happy. You have wasted a good amount of time, don't do it now. Come up with surprising ideas to make things up.

Roleplaying always work

Roleplay never fails. Suppose you have never experimented with it before, do it now to spice up things. You can think of many ideas, such as a bad cop or a school teacher or a jail warden. Believe me; your partner will love it. You can buy costumes and other accessories to make the whole scene more natural and authentic. Be a naughty child baby your partner always wanted you to be.

Share your playful fantasies with them first.

Do you have any kinkier or other sexual fantasies in mind? Don't mess up things by directly implementing things in bed. It is essential to discuss with your partner first. Start slowly by taking showers together or experimenting with foreplays. Then, at the appropriate time, share your fantasies with your partner. If they are not comfortable with it, leave it. Your partner's consent is the most critical thing here. Don't end up doing something nasty in excitement.

Go for sex toys

Sex toys can be your saviour if you have a dull, boring sex life. Buy a high-quality vibrator or sexy dildo from a reputed website such as Leather & Spark, and you will see the magic such toys bring to the table. Even sexologists and doctors believe that using sex toys might increase your libido and make you sexually active and passionate. Do you miss those wild nights with so much pleasure and fun? Bring them back with sex toys.

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